Add here the weapon you'd like to see in ACR or in an ACR mod.

Eligible weapons

Add in this section weapons that are eligible for ACR (realistic / real life weapons).

  • M1911 (less ammo, more power than the 9mm)
  • FN P90 (more ammo, less power than the 9mm)
  • M249 SAW (very slow, lots of ammo)
  • pipe (technically a sword variant)
  • AA12
  • Saiga 12
  • DSR 50
  • bow and arrows
  • G36C 
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • MP7
  • AEK-971
  • Model 1887
  • Adaptive Creative Rifle (low recoil, high damage, great for long ranges)

Ineligible weapons

Add in this section weapons that aren't eligible for ACR and you suggest just for mods (magic wands, futuristic laser guns and other unrealistic weapons).

  • Tavor Tar-21 (mod for M16)
  • Mossberg 590a1 (mod for shotgun)
  • fireball wand
  • thunder staff
  • telefrag gun (from the OA mod Powerball; sniper variant that, if it hurt, alway kill the target and teleport the killer where the killed die)
  • red launcher (Red Eclipse rocket launcher)
  • Jump gun (very important recoil, very low damage)
  • acid gun (water gun variant, loaded with acid)
  • plasma gun (fire plasma balls)
  • monster gun (spawn a monster)

Taylor's weapons ideas

Primary weapons(1)

  • Machine gun(Like assault rifle but faster, higher damage, and more ammo, shorter range, no recoil

Secondary weapons(2)

  • Revolver( half fire rate, 30 ammo,6 round clips, and 2x damage )
  • Uzi( Assault rifle fire rate, 90 ammo, 20 round clips, and half damage )
  • Desert eagle(28 ammo,7 round clips, and 2x damage )

Grenade weapons(3) grenades explode on impact

  • Grenade launcher
  • RPG


  • Cleave(160% damage)
  • Ninja sword(2x range)
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