Abstract[edit | edit source]

This article is a guideline for creating weapon model modifications.

Sample Configuration[edit | edit source]

md3.cfg[edit | edit source]

md3load tris_high.md3
md3skin weapon skin_weapon.jpg
md3skin hands skin_hands.jpg
md3anim "gun idle" 0 2 2
// "gun shoot" and "gun shoot2" are deprecated!
md3anim "gun reload" 3 17
// do NOT call md3emit on tag_eject or tag_aimpoint; only call on tag_muzzle
md3emit tag_muzzle 10 50 75

Tags[edit | edit source]

  • tag_muzzle
    • This is where the muzzle flash goes!
  • tag_aimpoint
    • The engine translates to this location upon aiming with the sights
  • tag_eject
    • This is where all the shells come out of

Meshes (surfaces/groups)[edit | edit source]

md3skin <your part> "skin_<name>.jpg"

Animation[edit | edit source]

md3anim "*" index length speed

NOTE: index is zero-based.

Currently, the following animations are supported for weapons:

  • gun idle
    • one second from non-ads to ADS (make speed equal to length)
    • you can shoot and scope now, but you cannot animate the shots.
  • gun shoot
    • during the shot, such as a shotgun pump, or idle
  • gun shoot2
    • during the shot if sights are used, usually idle in ads
  • gun reload
    • self explanatory...
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