AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki
// protos for ALL external functions in cube...


extern bool hasTE, hasMT, hasMDA, hasDRE, hasstencil, hasST2, hasSTW, hasSTS, hasAF;

// GL_ARB_multitexture
extern PFNGLACTIVETEXTUREARBPROC       glActiveTexture_;
extern PFNGLMULTITEXCOORD2FARBPROC     glMultiTexCoord2f_;
extern PFNGLMULTITEXCOORD3FARBPROC     glMultiTexCoord3f_;

// GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays

// GL_EXT_draw_range_elements

// GL_EXT_stencil_two_side

// GL_ATI_separate_stencil

struct color
        struct { float r, g, b, alpha; };
        float v[4];

    color(float r, float g, float b) : r(r), g(g), b(b), alpha(1.0f) {}
    color(float r, float g, float b, float a) : r(r), g(g), b(b), alpha(a) {}

// console
extern void keypress(int code, bool isdown, int cooked, SDLMod mod = KMOD_NONE);
extern int rendercommand(int x, int y, int w);
extern void renderconsole();
extern void renderobits();
extern char *getcurcommand();
extern char *addreleaseaction(const char *s);
extern void writebinds(stream *f);
extern void pasteconsole(char *dst);
extern void clientlogf(const char *s, ...);

struct keym
    int code;

        ACTION_DEFAULT = 0,

    char *name, *actions[NUMACTIONS];
    bool pressed;

    keym() : code(-1), name(NULL), pressed(false) { loopi(NUMACTIONS) actions[i] = newstring(""); }
    ~keym() { DELETEA(name); loopi(NUMACTIONS) DELETEA(actions[i]); }

extern keym *keypressed;

extern bool bindkey(keym *km, const char *action, int state = keym::ACTION_DEFAULT);
extern keym *findbinda(const char *action, int type = keym::ACTION_DEFAULT);
extern bool bindc(int code, const char *action, int type = keym::ACTION_DEFAULT);

// menus
extern void rendermenu();
extern bool menuvisible();
extern void menureset(struct gmenu *menu);
extern void menumanual(gmenu *menu, char *text, char *action = NULL, color *bgcolor = NULL, const char *desc = NULL);
extern void menuimagemanual(gmenu *menu, const char *filename1, const char *filename2, char *text, char *action = NULL, color *bgcolor = NULL, const char *desc = NULL);
extern void menutitle(gmenu *menu, const char *title = NULL);
extern bool needscoresreorder;
extern void menuheader(gmenu *menu, char *header = NULL, char *footer = NULL);
extern bool menukey(int code, bool isdown, int unicode, SDLMod mod = KMOD_NONE);
extern gmenu *addmenu(const char *name, const char *title = NULL, bool allowinput = true, void (*refreshfunc)(gmenu *, bool) = NULL, bool (*keyfunc)(gmenu *, int, bool, int) = NULL, bool hotkeys = false, bool forwardkeys = false);
extern void rendermenumdl();
extern void menuset(gmenu *m, bool save = true);
extern void menuselect(gmenu *menu, int sel);
extern void showmenu(const char *name, bool top = true);
extern void closemenu(const char *name);
extern void addchange(const char *desc, int type);
extern void clearchanges(int type);
extern void refreshapplymenu(gmenu *menu, bool init);

struct mitem
    gmenu *parent;
    color *bgcolor;

    mitem(gmenu *parent, color *bgcolor, int type) : parent(parent), bgcolor(bgcolor), type(type) {}
    virtual ~mitem() {}

    virtual void render(int x, int y, int w);
    virtual int width() = 0;
    virtual void select() {}
    virtual void focus(bool on) { }
    virtual void key(int code, bool isdown, int unicode) { }
    virtual void init() {}
    virtual const char *getdesc() { return NULL; }
    virtual const char *gettext() { return NULL; }
    virtual const char *getaction() { return NULL; }
    bool isselection();
    void renderbg(int x, int y, int w, color *c);
    static color gray, white, whitepulse, red;
    int type;


struct mdirlist
    char *dir, *ext, *action;
    bool image;

struct gmenu
    const char *name, *title, *header, *footer;
    vector<mitem *> items;
    int mwidth;
    int menusel;
    bool allowinput, inited, hotkeys, forwardkeys;
    typedef void(*refreshfunc_t)(gmenu *, bool);
    typedef bool(*keyfunc_t)(gmenu *, int, bool, int);
    refreshfunc_t refreshfunc;
    keyfunc_t keyfunc;
    char *initaction;
    char *usefont;
    bool allowblink;
    const char *mdl;
    int anim, rotspeed, scale;
    int footlen;
    mdirlist *dirlist;

    gmenu() : name(0), title(0), header(0), footer(0), initaction(0), usefont(0), allowblink(0), mdl(0), footlen(0), dirlist(0) {}
    virtual ~gmenu()

    void render();
    void renderbg(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, bool border);
    void conprintmenu();
    void refresh();
    void open();
    void close();
    void init();

// serverbrowser
extern void addserver(const char *servername, int serverport, int weight);
extern char *getservername(int n);
extern bool resolverwait(const char *name, ENetAddress *address);
extern int connectwithtimeout(ENetSocket sock, const char *hostname, ENetAddress &remoteaddress);
extern void writeservercfg();
extern void refreshservers(gmenu *menu, bool init);
extern bool serverskey(gmenu *menu, int code, bool isdown, int unicode);
extern bool serverinfokey(gmenu *menu, int code, bool isdown, int unicode);

struct serverinfo

    string name;
    string full;
    string map;
    string sdesc;
    string description;
    string cmd;
    int mode, muts, numplayers, maxclients, ping, protocol, minremain, resolved, port, lastpingmillis, pongflags, getinfo, menuline_from, menuline_to;
    ENetAddress address;
    vector<const char *> playernames;
    uchar namedata[MAXTRANS];
    vector<char *> infotexts;
    uchar textdata[MAXTRANS];
    char lang[3];
    color *bgcolor;
    int favcat, msweight, weight;

    int uplinkqual, uplinkqual_age;
    unsigned char uplinkstats[MAXCLIENTS + 1];

     : mode(G_DM), muts(G_M_NONE), numplayers(0), maxclients(0), ping(9999), protocol(0), minremain(0),
       resolved(UNRESOLVED), port(-1), lastpingmillis(0), pongflags(0), getinfo(EXTPING_NOP),
       bgcolor(NULL), favcat(-1), msweight(0), weight(0), uplinkqual(0), uplinkqual_age(0)
        name[0] = full[0] = map[0] = sdesc[0] = description[0] = '\0';
        loopi(3) lang[i] = '\0';
        loopi(MAXCLIENTS + 1) uplinkstats[i] = 0;

extern serverinfo *getconnectedserverinfo();
extern void pingservers();
extern void updatefrommaster(int force);

struct packetqueue
    ringbuf<ENetPacket *, 8> packets;

    void queue(ENetPacket *p);
    bool flushtolog(const char *logfile);
    void clear();

// rendergl
extern glmatrixf mvmatrix, projmatrix, clipmatrix, mvpmatrix, invmvmatrix, invmvpmatrix;
extern void resetcamera();

extern void gl_checkextensions();
extern void gl_init(int w, int h, int bpp, int depth, int fsaa);
extern void cleangl();
extern void enablepolygonoffset(GLenum type);
extern void disablepolygonoffset(GLenum type, bool restore = true);
extern void line(int x1, int y1, float z1, int x2, int y2, float z2);
extern void line(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, color *c = NULL);
extern void box(block &b, float z1, float z2, float z3, float z4);
extern void dot(int x, int y, float z);
extern void linestyle(float width, int r, int g, int b);
extern void blendbox(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, bool border, int tex = -1, color *c = NULL);
extern void quad(GLuint tex, float x, float y, float s, float tx, float ty, float tsx, float tsy = 0);
extern void quad(GLuint tex, vec &c1, vec &c2, float tx, float ty, float tsx, float tsy);
extern void quad(float x, float y, float sx, float sy);
extern void circle(GLuint tex, float x, float y, float r, float tx, float ty, float tr, int subdiv = 32);
extern void setperspective(float fovy, float nearplane);
extern void sethudgunperspective(bool on);
    W2S_IN_CLAMP = 1 << 0,
    W2S_OUT_BEHIND = 1 << 0,
    //W2S_OUT_CLAMPED = 1 << 1,
    W2S_OUT_INVALID = 1 << 2,
extern int worldtoscreen(const vec &world, vec2 &screen, int options = 0);
extern void traceShot(const vec &from, vec &to); // , float len = ssize << 1);
extern void gl_drawframe(int w, int h, float changelod, float curfps);
extern void clearminimap();
extern void resetzones();
extern void rendercursor(int x, int y, int w);
extern void renderaboveheadicon(playerent *p);
extern void drawscope(bool preload = false);
extern float dynfov();
extern void damageblend(int n);


extern void drawcrosshair(playerent *p, int n, int teamtype);

// shadow
extern bool addshadowbox(const vec &bbmin, const vec &bbmax, const vec &extrude, const glmatrixf &mat);
extern void drawstencilshadows();

// texture
struct Texture
    char *name;
    int xs, ys, bpp, clamp;
    float scale;
    bool mipmap, canreduce;
    GLuint id;
extern Texture *notexture, *noworldtexture;
extern bool silent_texture_load;
extern bool uniformtexres;

extern void scaletexture(uchar *src, uint sw, uint sh, uint bpp, uchar *dst, uint dw, uint dh);
extern void createtexture(int tnum, int w, int h, void *pixels, int clamp, bool mipmap, bool canreduce, GLenum format);
extern SDL_Surface *wrapsurface(void *data, int width, int height, int bpp);
extern SDL_Surface *creatergbsurface(int width, int height);
extern SDL_Surface *creatergbasurface(int width, int height);
extern SDL_Surface *forcergbsurface(SDL_Surface *os);
extern SDL_Surface *forcergbasurface(SDL_Surface *os);
extern Texture *textureload(const char *name, int clamp = 0, bool mipmap = true, bool canreduce = false, float scale = 1.0f, bool trydl = false);
extern Texture *lookuptexture(int tex, Texture *failtex = notexture, bool trydl = false);
extern bool reloadtexture(Texture &t);
extern bool reloadtexture(const char *name);
extern void reloadtextures();
Texture *createtexturefromsurface(const char *name, SDL_Surface *s);
extern void blitsurface(SDL_Surface *dst, SDL_Surface *src, int x, int y);
void loadsky(char *basename, bool reload);

static inline Texture *lookupworldtexture(int tex, bool trydl = true)
{ return lookuptexture(tex, noworldtexture, trydl); }

extern float skyfloor;
extern void draw_envbox(int fogdist);

extern int autodownload;
extern void setupcurl();
extern bool requirepackage(int type, const char *path);
extern int downloadpackages();
extern void sortpckservers();
extern void writepcksourcecfg();

extern int maxtmus;
extern void inittmus();
extern void resettmu(int n);
extern void scaletmu(int n, int rgbscale, int alphascale = 0);
extern void colortmu(int n, float r = 0, float g = 0, float b = 0, float a = 0);
extern void setuptmu(int n, const char *rgbfunc = NULL, const char *alphafunc = NULL);

struct zone { int x1, x2, y1, y2, color; }; // zones (drawn on the minimap)

extern Texture **geteventicons();

// rendercubes
extern void mipstats(int a, int b, int c);
extern void render_flat(int tex, int x, int y, int size, int h, sqr *l1, sqr *l2, sqr *l3, sqr *l4, bool isceil);
extern void render_flatdelta(int wtex, int x, int y, int size, float h1, float h2, float h3, float h4, sqr *l1, sqr *l2, sqr *l3, sqr *l4, bool isceil);
extern void render_square(int wtex, float floor1, float floor2, float ceil1, float ceil2, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int size, sqr *l1, sqr *l2, bool topleft, int dir);
extern void render_tris(int x, int y, int size, bool topleft, sqr *h1, sqr *h2, sqr *s, sqr *t, sqr *u, sqr *v);
extern void resetcubes();
extern void setupstrips();
extern void renderstripssky();
extern void renderstrips();
extern void rendershadow(int x, int y, int xs, int ys, const vec &texgenS, const vec &texgenT);

// water
extern void setwatercolor(const char *r = "", const char *g = "", const char *b = "", const char *a = "");
extern void calcwaterscissor();
extern void addwaterquad(int x, int y, int size);
extern int renderwater(float hf, GLuint reflecttex, GLuint refracttex);
extern void resetwater();

// client
extern void abortconnect();
extern void disconnect(int onlyclean = 0, int async = 0);
extern void cleanupclient();
extern void toserver(char *text, int voice = 0, bool action = false);
extern void saytext(playerent *d, char *text, int flags, int sound);
extern void addmsg(int type, const char *fmt = NULL, ...);
extern void addmsgraw(ucharbuf &buf, bool reliable = true);
extern bool multiplayer(bool msg = true);
extern bool allowedittoggle();
extern void sendpackettoserv(int chan, ENetPacket *packet);
extern void gets2c();
extern void c2sinfo(bool force = false);
extern void c2skeepalive();
extern void neterr(const char *s);
extern int getclientnum();
extern bool isowned(playerent *p);
extern void changeteam(int team, bool respawn = true); // deprecated?
extern void getmap(char *name = NULL, char *callback = NULL);
extern void newteam(char *name);
extern bool securemapcheck(const char *map, bool msg = true);
extern int getbuildtype();
extern void sendintro();
extern void getdemo(int *idx, char *dsp);
extern void listdemos();

// clientgame
extern flaginfo flaginfos[2];
extern int sessionid;
extern int gametimecurrent;
extern int gametimemaximum;
extern int lastgametimeupdate;
struct serverstate { int autoteam; int mastermode; int matchteamsize; void reset() { autoteam = mastermode = matchteamsize = 0; }};
extern struct serverstate servstate;
extern int thirdperson;
#define isthirdperson (camera1 != focus)
extern void updateworld(int curtime, int lastmillis);
extern void resetmap(bool mrproper = true);
extern void startmap(const char *name, bool reset = true);
extern void changemap(const char *name);
extern void initclient();
extern void addexp(int xp);
extern void expreason(const char *reason);
extern void deathstate(playerent *pl);
extern void dodamage(int damage, playerent *pl, playerent *actor, int gun, int style, const vec &src);
extern void dokill(playerent *pl, playerent *act, int gun, int style, int damage, int combo, int assist, float dist);
extern playerent *newplayerent();
extern char *getclientmap();
extern int getclientmode();
extern int getclientmutators();
extern void zapplayer(playerent *&d);
extern playerent *getclient(int cn);
extern playerent *newclient(int cn);
extern void timeupdate(int milliscur, int millismax); // was (int timeremain);
extern void respawnself();
extern void setskin(playerent *pl, int skin, int team = -1);
struct votedata
    int int1, int2;
    const char *str1;
    votedata(const char *str1) : str1(str1) { int1 = int2 = 0; }
extern void callvote(int type, const votedata &vote);
extern void addsleep(int msec, const char *cmd, bool persist = false);
extern void resetsleep(bool force = false);
// streak-related
extern void radarinfo(int &total, playerent *&last, int &lastremain, const playerent *p = NULL);
extern bool radarup(playerent *p);
extern void nukeinfo(int &total, playerent *&first, int &firstremain);
//game mode extras
extern void flagpickup(int fln);
extern void tryflagdrop();
extern void flagreturn(int fln);
extern void flagscore(int fln);
extern void flagstolen(int flag, int act);
extern void flagdropped(int flag, float x, float y, float z);
extern void flaginbase(int flag);
extern void flagidle(int flag);
extern void flagmsg(int flag, int message, int actor, int flagtime);
extern void arenarespawn();
extern void tryrespawn();
extern void serveropcommand(int cmd, int arg1);
extern void refreshsopmenu(gmenu *menu, bool init);
extern char *colorname(playerent *d);
extern char *colorping(int ping);
extern char *colorpj(int pj);
extern const char *highlight(const char *text);
extern void togglespect();
extern playerent *updatefollowplayer(int shiftdirection = 0);

struct votedisplayinfo
    playerent *owner;
    int type, millis, expiremillis;
    float passratio;
    int result, stats[VOTE_NUM], req_n, req_y;
    string desc;
    bool veto, expire_pass;
    votedisplayinfo(playerent *owner, int type, int millis, const char *desc, float ratio) :
        owner(owner), type(type), millis(millis), expiremillis(millis), passratio(ratio),
        result(VOTE_NEUTRAL), req_n(0), req_y(0),
        veto(false), expire_pass(false)
        copystring(this->desc, desc);
        loopi(VOTE_NUM) stats[i] = 0;

    void recompute()
        const int total_votes = stats[VOTE_NO] + stats[VOTE_YES] + stats[VOTE_NEUTRAL];
        // We need to exceed the amount, hence the +1
        req_y = 1 + (int)(total_votes * passratio);
        req_n = 1 + (int)(total_votes * (1 - passratio));
        expire_pass = stats[VOTE_YES] > (int)((stats[VOTE_NO] + stats[VOTE_YES]) * passratio);
extern const char *votestring(int type, const votedata &vote);
extern void callvoteerr(int e);
extern void displayvote(votedisplayinfo *v);
extern void clearvote();

// scoreboard
struct discscore { int team, flags, frags, assists, deaths, points; char name[MAXNAMELEN + 1]; };
extern vector<discscore> discscores;
extern teamscore teamscores[2];
extern void showscores(bool on);
extern void renderscores(gmenu *menu, bool init);
extern const char *asciiscores(bool destjpg = false);
extern void consolescores();

// world
extern void setupworld(int factor);
extern bool worldbordercheck(int x1, int x2, int y1, int y2, int z1, int z2);
extern bool empty_world(int factor, bool force);
extern void remip(const block &b, int level = 0);
extern void remipmore(const block &b, int level = 0);
extern int closestent();
extern int findtype(char *what);
extern int findentity(int type, int index = 0);
extern int findentity(int type, int index, uchar attr2);
extern entity *newentity(int index, int x, int y, int z, char *what, int v1, int v2, int v3, int v4);

// worldlight
extern int lastcalclight;

extern void fullbrightlight(int level = -1);
extern void calclight();
extern void adddynlight(physent *owner, const vec &o, int reach, int expire, int fade, uchar r, uchar g = 0, uchar b = 0);
extern void dodynlights();
extern void undodynlights();
extern void cleardynlights();
extern void removedynlights(physent *owner);
extern block *blockcopy(const block &b);
extern void blockpaste(const block &b, int bx, int by, bool light);
extern void blockpaste(const block &b);
extern void freeblock(block *&b);

// worldrender
extern void render_world(float vx, float vy, float vh, float changelod, int yaw, int pitch, float fov, float fovy, int w, int h);
extern int lod_factor();

// worldocull
extern void disableraytable();
extern void computeraytable(float vx, float vy, float fov);
extern int isoccluded(float vx, float vy, float cx, float cy, float csize);

// main
extern SDL_Surface *screen;
extern int colorbits, depthbits, stencilbits;

extern void keyrepeat(bool on);
extern bool interceptkey(int sym);
extern bool firstrun, inmainloop;

    NOT_INITING = 0,
    CHANGE_GFX   = 1<<0,
    CHANGE_SOUND = 1<<1
extern bool initwarning(const char *desc, int level = INIT_RESET, int type = CHANGE_GFX);

// rendertext
struct font
    struct charinfo
        short x, y, w, h;

    struct utf8charinfo : charinfo
        int code;

    char *name;
    Texture *tex;
    vector<charinfo> chars;
    int defaultw, defaulth;
    int offsetx, offsety, offsetw, offseth;
    int skip;

#define VIRTH 1800
#define FONTH (curfont->defaulth)
#define PIXELTAB (10*curfont->defaultw)

extern int VIRTW; // virtual screen size for text & HUD
extern bool ignoreblinkingbit;
extern font *curfont;
extern int monitors;

extern int mm_adjust(int x);
extern void initfont();
extern bool setfont(const char *name);
extern font *getfont(const char *name);
extern void pushfont(const char *name);
extern void popfont();
extern void draw_text(const char *str, int left, int top, int r = 255, int g = 255, int b = 255, int a = 255, int cursor = -1, int maxwidth = -1);
extern void draw_textf(const char *fstr, int left, int top, ...);
extern int text_width(const char *str);
extern int text_visible(const char *str, int max);
extern void text_bounds(const char *str, int &width, int &height, int maxwidth = -1);
extern int text_visible(const char *str, int hitx, int hity, int maxwidth);
extern void text_pos(const char *str, int cursor, int &cx, int &cy, int maxwidth);
extern void text_startcolumns();
extern void text_endcolumns();

// editing
extern void cursorupdate();
extern void toggleedit(bool force = false);
extern char *editinfo();
extern void editdrag(bool isdown);
extern void checkselections();
extern void setvdeltaxy(int delta, block &sel);
extern void editequalisexy(bool isfloor, block &sel);
extern void edittypexy(int type, block &sel);
extern void edittexxy(int type, int t, block &sel);
extern void editheightxy(bool isfloor, int amount, block &sel);
//extern bool noteditmode();
extern bool noteditmode(const char* func = NULL);
extern void pruneundos(int maxremain = 0);

// renderhud
    HUDMSG_INFO = 0,

extern void gl_drawhud(int w, int h, int curfps, int nquads, int curvert, bool underwater);
extern void loadingscreen(const char *fmt = NULL, ...);
extern void hudoutf(const char *s, ...);
extern void hudonlyf(const char *s, ...);
extern void hudeditf(int type, const char *s, ...);
extern void show_out_of_renderloop_progress(float bar1, const char *text1, float bar2 = 0, const char *text2 = NULL);
extern vec getradarpos();

// renderparticles
    PT_PART = 0,


    PART_SPARK = 0,

extern void particleinit();
extern void particlereset();
extern void particle_flash(int type, float scale, float angle, const vec &p);
extern void particle_splash(int type, int num, int fade, const vec &p);
extern void particle_trail(int type, int fade, const vec &from, const vec &to);
extern void particle_emit(int type, int *args, int basetime, int seed, const vec &p);
extern void particle_fireball(int type, const vec &o, playerent *owner = NULL);
extern void addshotline(playerent *d, vec from, const vec &to, int flags);
extern void addheadshot(const vec &from, const vec &to, int damage);
extern bool addbullethole(dynent *d, const vec &from, const vec &to, float radius = 1, bool noisy = true, int type = 0); // shotty
extern bool addscorchmark(const vec &o, float radius = 7);

extern void render_particles(int time, int typemask = ~0);

struct radar_explosion { vec o; int millis; GLubyte *col; };
struct radar_shotline { vec from, to; int expire; const GLubyte *col; };
extern vector<radar_explosion> radar_explosions;
extern vector<radar_shotline> radar_shotlines;

// worldio
extern int mapdims[8];
extern const char *setnames(const char *name);
extern void save_world(char *fname);
extern bool load_world(char *mname);
extern void writemap(char *name, int size, uchar *data);
extern void writecfggz(char *name, int size, int sizegz, uchar *data);
extern uchar *readmap(char *name, int *size, int *revision);
extern uchar *readmcfggz(char *name, int *size, int *sizegz);

// physics
extern float raycube(const vec &o, const vec &ray, vec &surface);
extern float rayclip(const vec &o, const vec &ray, vec &surface);
extern bool raycubelos(const vec &from, const vec &to, float margin = 0);
extern void moveplayer(physent *pl, int moveres, bool local);
extern void moveplayer(physent *pl, int moveres, bool local, int curtime);
extern void movebounceent(bounceent *p, int moveres, bool local);
extern void entinmap(physent *d);
extern void physicsframe();
extern void mousemove(int dx, int dy);
extern void fixcamerarange(physent *cam = camera1);
extern void updatecrouch(playerent *p, bool on);
extern bool objcollide(physent *d, const vec &objpos, float objrad, float objheight);
extern bool collide(physent *d, bool spawn = false, float drop = 0, float rise = 0, int level = 7);
extern void attack(bool on);
extern void vecfromyawpitch(float yaw, float pitch, int move, int strafe, vec &m);
extern void vectoyawpitch(const vec &v, float &yaw, float &pitch);
extern void fixrange(float &yaw, float &pitch);
extern void fixfullrange(float &yaw, float &pitch, float &roll, bool full);
extern void getyawpitch(const vec &from, const vec &pos, float &yaw, float &pitch);
extern void scaleyawpitch(float &yaw, float &pitch, float targyaw, float targpitch, float yawspeed = 1, float pitchspeed = 1, float rotate = 0);

// sound
extern void audiomgr.playsound(int n, int priority = SP_NORMAL);
extern void audiomgr.playsound(int n, physent *p, int priority = SP_NORMAL);
extern void audiomgr.playsound(int n, entity *e, int priority = SP_NORMAL);
extern void audiomgr.playsound(int n, const vec *v, int priority = SP_NORMAL);
extern void audiomgr.playsoundc(int n, physent *p = NULL, int priority = SP_NORMAL);
extern void initsound();
extern void soundcleanup();
extern void musicsuggest(int id, int millis = 0, bool rndofs = false);
extern void musicfadeout(int id);
extern void clearworldsounds(bool fullclean = true);
extern void detachsounds(playerent *owner);
extern void updateaudio();
extern void preloadmapsound(entity &e);
extern void preloadmapsounds();
extern void writesoundconfig(stream *f);

// rendermodel
extern void rendermodel(const char *mdl, int anim, int tex, float rad, const vec &o, float yaw, float pitch, float speed = 0, int basetime = 0, playerent *d = NULL, modelattach *a = NULL, float scale = 1.0f, float zoomed = 0.0f);
extern void startmodelbatches();
extern void endmodelbatches(bool flush = true);
extern void clearmodelbatches();
extern mapmodelinfo &getmminfo(int i);
extern int findanim(const char *name);
extern void loadskin(const char *dir, const char *altdir, Texture *&skin);
extern model *nomodel;
extern model *loadmodel(const char *name, int i = -1, bool trydl = false);
extern void preload_playermodels();
extern void preload_entmodels();
extern void preload_hudguns();
extern void preload_mapmodels(bool trydl = false);
extern void renderclients();
extern void renderclient(playerent *d);
extern void renderclient(playerent *d, const char *mdlname, const char *vwepname, int tex = 0);
extern void updateclientname(playerent *d);

// weapon
extern void shoot(playerent *d, vec &to);
extern void removebounceents(playerent *owner);
extern void movebounceents();
extern void clearbounceents();
extern void renderbounceents();
extern void addgib(playerent *d);
extern void playerincrosshair(playerent* &pl, int &hitzone, vec &pos);
extern int magsize(int gun);
extern void setscope(bool activate);
extern void setburst(bool activate);
extern int intersect(playerent *d, const vec &from, const vec &to, vec *end = NULL);
extern bool intersect(entity *e, const vec &from, const vec &to, vec *end = NULL);
// Structure for storing traceresults
struct traceresult_s
     vec end;
     bool collided;
void TraceLine(vec from, vec to, dynent *pTracer, bool CheckPlayers, traceresult_s *tr, bool SkipTags=false);
extern void damageeffect(int damage, const vec &o);
extern void tryreload(playerent *p);
extern void checkweaponstate();
extern struct projectile *newprojectile(vec &from, vec &to, float speed, bool local, playerent *owner, int gun, int id = lastmillis);
extern int burstshotssettings[NUMGUNS];

// entities
extern void spawnallitems();
extern void pickupeffects(int n, playerent *d, int spawntime);
extern void renderentities();
extern void rendermapmodels();
extern void resetspawns(int type = -1);
extern void setspawn(int i);
extern void checkitems(playerent *d);
extern vector<int> changedents;
extern void syncentchanges(bool force = false);

// rndmap
extern void perlinarea(block &b, int scale, int seed, int psize);

// doc
extern void renderdoc(int x, int y, int doch);
extern void renderdocmenu(gmenu *menu, bool init);
extern void toggledoc();
extern void scrolldoc(int i);
extern int stringsort(const char **a, const char **b);

// protocol [client and server]
    SAY_TEXT = 0, SAY_TEAM = 1 << 0, SAY_ACTION = 1 << 1, SAY_PRIVATE = 1 << 2,
    SAY_CLIENT = (1 << 3) - 1,
    SAY_SPAM = 1 << 3, SAY_MUTE = 1 << 4, SAY_FORBIDDEN = 1 << 5, SAY_DISALLOW = 1 << 6
extern int defaultgamelimit(int gamemode, int mutators);

// crypto // for AUTH
extern void genprivkey(const char *seed, vector<char> &privstr, vector<char> &pubstr);
extern bool hashstring(const char *str, char *result, int maxlen);
const char *genpwdhash(const char *name, const char *pwd, int salt);
void hmac_sha256(const unsigned char *data, size_t data_len, const unsigned char *key, size_t key_len, unsigned char out[32]);
extern void answerchallenge(const char *privstr, const char *challenge, vector<char> &answerstr);
extern void *parsepubkey(const char *pubstr);
extern void freepubkey(void *pubkey);
extern void *genchallenge(void *pubkey, const void *seed, int seedlen, vector<char> &challengestr);
extern void freechallenge(void *answer);
extern bool checkchallenge(const char *answerstr, void *correct);

// console
extern void conoutf(const char *s, ...);
extern void chatoutf(const char *s, ...);
extern void chatonlyf(const char *s, ...);
extern void addobit(playerent *actor, int weap, int style, bool headshot, playerent *target, int combo = 1, int assist = 0);

// command
extern bool per_idents, neverpersist;
extern int variable(const char *name, int min, int cur, int max, int *storage, void (*fun)(), bool persist);
extern float fvariable(const char *name, float min, float cur, float max, float *storage, void (*fun)(), bool persist);
extern char *svariable(const char *name, const char *cur, char **storage, void (*fun)(), bool persist);
extern void setvar(const char *name, int i, bool dofunc = false);
extern void setfvar(const char *name, float f, bool dofunc = false);
extern void setsvar(const char *name, const char *str, bool dofunc = false);
extern int getvar(const char *name);
extern bool identexists(const char *name);
extern bool addcommand(const char *name, void (*fun)(), const char *sig);
extern int execute(const char *p);
extern char *executeret(const char *p);
extern char *conc(char **w, int n, bool space);
extern void intret(int v);
extern const char *floatstr(float v);
extern void floatret(float v);
extern void result(const char *s);
extern void exec(const char *cfgfile);
extern bool execfile(const char *cfgfile);
extern void resetcomplete();
extern void complete(char *s);
extern void push(const char *name, const char *action);
extern void pop(const char *name);
extern void alias(const char *name, const char *action, bool constant = false);
extern const char *getalias(const char *name);
extern void writecfg();
extern void deletecfg();
extern void identnames(vector<const char *> &names, bool builtinonly);
extern void changescriptcontext(int newcontext);
extern void explodelist(const char *s, vector<char *> &elems);
extern char *indexlist(const char *s, int pos);
extern char *parseword(const char *&p);
extern char *strreplace(char *dest, const char *source, const char *search, const char *replace);
extern void pushscontext(int newcontext);
extern int popscontext();
extern int curscontext();
extern int execcontext;
extern const char *currentserver(int i);
extern void setcontext(const char *context, const char *info);
extern void resetcontext();
extern int millis_();
extern int screenshottype;

// server
extern int modeacronyms;
extern void servertoclient(int chan, uchar *buf, int len, bool demo = false);
extern void localservertoclient(int chan, uchar *buf, int len, bool demo = false);
extern const char *modestr(int gamemode, int mutators, bool acronyms = false);
extern const char *voteerrorstr(int n);
extern const char *mmfullname(int n);
extern void modecheck(int &mode, int &muts, int trying = 0);
// coverity[+kill]
extern void fatal(const char *s, ...);
extern void initserver(bool dedicated, int argc = 0, char **argv = NULL);
extern void cleanupserver();
extern void localconnect();
extern void localdisconnect();
extern void localclienttoserver(int chan, ENetPacket *);
extern void serverslice(uint timeout);
extern void putint(ucharbuf &p, int n);
extern void putint(packetbuf &p, int n);
extern void putint(vector<uchar> &p, int n);
extern int getint(ucharbuf &p);
extern void putuint(ucharbuf &p, int n);
extern void putuint(packetbuf &p, int n);
extern void putuint(vector<uchar> &p, int n);
extern int getuint(ucharbuf &p);
extern void putfloat(ucharbuf &p, float f);
extern void putfloat(packetbuf &p, float f);
extern void putfloat(vector<uchar> &p, float f);
extern float getfloat(ucharbuf &p);
extern void sendstring(const char *t, ucharbuf &p);
extern void sendstring(const char *t, packetbuf &p);
extern void sendstring(const char *t, vector<uchar> &p);
extern void getstring(char *t, ucharbuf &p, int len = MAXTRANS);
extern void filtertext(char *dst, const char *src, int whitespace = 1, int len = sizeof(string)-1);
extern void filterrichtext(char *dst, const char *src, int len = sizeof(string)-1);
extern void filterservdesc(char *dst, const char *src, int len = sizeof(string)-1);
extern void filterlang(char *d, const char *s);
extern void trimtrailingwhitespace(char *s);
extern void cutcolorstring(char *text, int len);
static inline void filtername(char *dst, const char *src)
    filtertext(dst, src, 1, MAXNAMELEN);
extern void startintermission();
extern string masterbase, masterpath;
extern int masterport;
extern ENetSocket connectmaster();
extern uchar *retrieveservers(uchar *buf, int buflen);
extern void serverms(int mode, int muts, int numplayers, int minremain, char *smapname, int millis, const ENetAddress &localaddr, int *mnum, int *msend, int *mrec, int *cnum, int *csend, int *crec, int protocol_version);
extern const char *genpwdhash(const char *name, const char *pwd, int salt);
extern void servermsinit(const char *master, const char *ip, int serverport, bool listen);
extern bool valid_client(int cn);
extern void extinfo_cnbuf(ucharbuf &p, int cn);
extern void extinfo_statsbuf(ucharbuf &p, int pid, int bpos, ENetSocket &pongsock, ENetAddress &addr, ENetBuffer &buf, int len, int *csend);
extern void extinfo_teamscorebuf(ucharbuf &p);
extern int wizardmain(int argc, char **argv);

// demo
struct demoheader
    char magic[16];
    int version, protocol;
    char desc[DHDR_DESCCHARS];
    char plist[DHDR_PLISTCHARS];
#define DEFDEMOFILEFMT "%w_%h_%n_%Mmin_%G"
#define DEFDEMOTIMEFMT "%Y%m%d_%H%M"

extern bool watchingdemo;
extern int demoprotocol;
extern void enddemoplayback();

// logging


extern bool initlogging(const char *identity, int facility_, int consolethres, int filethres, int syslogthres, bool logtimestamp);
extern void exitlogging();
extern bool logline(int level, const char *msg, ...);

// server config

struct serverconfigfile
    string filename;
    int filelen;
    char *buf;
    serverconfigfile() : filelen(0), buf(NULL) { filename[0] = '\0'; }
    virtual ~serverconfigfile() { DELETEA(buf); }

    virtual void read() {}
    void init(const char *name);
    bool load();

// server commandline parsing
struct servercommandline
    int uprate, serverport, syslogfacility, filethres, syslogthres, maxdemos, maxclients, maxbots, verbose, incoming_limit, afk_limit, ban_time, lagtrust, demotimelocal;
    const char *ip, *master, *logident, *serverpassword, *adminpasswd, *demopath, *maprot, *pwdfile, *blfile, *nbfile, *infopath, *motdpath, *forbidden, *demofilenameformat, *demotimestampformat;
    bool logtimestamp, demo_interm, loggamestatus, bypassglobalbans, bypassglobalpriv;
    string motd, servdesc_full, servdesc_pre, servdesc_suf, voteperm, mapperm;
    int clfilenesting;
    vector<const char *> adminonlymaps;

    servercommandline() :   uprate(0), serverport(CUBE_DEFAULT_SERVER_PORT), syslogfacility(6), filethres(-1), syslogthres(-1), maxdemos(5),
                            maxclients(DEFAULTCLIENTS), maxbots(DEFAULTBOTS), verbose(0), incoming_limit(10), afk_limit(45000), ban_time(20*60*1000), lagtrust(1), demotimelocal(0),
                            ip(""), master(NULL), logident(""), serverpassword(""), adminpasswd(""), demopath(""),
                            maprot("config/maprot.cfg"), pwdfile("config/serverpwd.cfg"), blfile("config/serverblacklist.cfg"), nbfile("config/nicknameblacklist.cfg"),
                            infopath("config/serverinfo"), motdpath("config/motd"), forbidden("config/forbidden.cfg"),
                            logtimestamp(false), demo_interm(false), loggamestatus(true), bypassglobalbans(false), bypassglobalpriv(false),
        motd[0] = servdesc_full[0] = servdesc_pre[0] = servdesc_suf[0] = voteperm[0] = mapperm[0] = '\0';
        demofilenameformat = DEFDEMOFILEFMT;
        demotimestampformat = DEFDEMOTIMEFMT;

    bool checkarg(const char *arg)
        if(!strncmp(arg, "assaultcube://", 13)) return false;
        else if(arg[0] != '-' || arg[1] == '\0') return false;
        const char *a = arg + 2 + strspn(arg + 2, " ");
        int ai = atoi(a);
        // client: dtwhzbsave
        { // todo: gjlqGHJQUYZ
            case '-':
                    if(!strncmp(arg, "--demofilenameformat=", 21))
                        demofilenameformat = arg+21;
                    else if(!strncmp(arg, "--demotimestampformat=", 22))
                        demotimestampformat = arg+22;
                    else if(!strncmp(arg, "--demotimelocal=", 16))
                        int ai = atoi(arg+16);
                        demotimelocal = ai == 0 ? 0 : 1;
                    else if(!strncmp(arg, "--masterport=", 13))
                        int ai = atoi(arg+13);
                        masterport = ai == 0 ? AC_MASTER_PORT : ai;
                    else return false;
            case 'u': uprate = ai; break;
            case 'f': if(ai > 0 && ai < 65536) serverport = ai; break;
            case 'i': ip     = a; break;
            case 'm': master = a; break;
            case 'N': logident = a; break;
            case 'l': loggamestatus = ai != 0; break;
            case 'F': if(isdigit(*a) && ai >= 0 && ai <= 7) syslogfacility = ai; break;
            case 'T': logtimestamp = true; break;
            case 'L':
                    case 'F': filethres = atoi(a + 1); break;
                    case 'S': syslogthres = atoi(a + 1); break;
            case 'A': if(*a) adminonlymaps.add(a); break;
            case 'c':
                if(*a == 'b')
                    maxbots = clamp(atoi(a + 1), 0, MAXCLIENTS);
                else if(ai > 0)
                    maxclients = min(ai, MAXCLIENTS);
            case 'k':
                if(arg[2]=='A' && arg[3]!='\0')
                    if ((ai = atoi(&arg[3])) >= 30) afk_limit = ai * 1000;
                    else afk_limit = 0;
                else if(arg[2]=='B' && arg[3]!='\0')
                    if ((ai = atoi(&arg[3])) >= 0) ban_time = ai * 60 * 1000;
                    else ban_time = 0;
                else if(arg[2]=='l' && arg[3]!='\0')
                    if ((ai = atoi(&arg[3])) >= 0) lagtrust = ai;
                    else lagtrust = 0;
                else if (arg[2] == '0')
                    bypassglobalbans = true;
            case 'a': bypassglobalpriv = true; break;
            case 'x': adminpasswd = a; break;
            case 'p': serverpassword = a; break;
            case 'D':
                    demo_interm = true;
                else if(ai > 0) maxdemos = ai; break;
            case 'W': demopath = a; break;
            case 'r': maprot = a; break;
            case 'X': pwdfile = a; break;
            case 'B': blfile = a; break;
            case 'K': nbfile = a; break;
            case 'I': infopath = a; break;
            case 'o': filterrichtext(motd, a); break;
            case 'O': motdpath = a; break;
            case 'g': forbidden = a; break;
            case 'n':
                char *t = servdesc_full;
                    case '1': t = servdesc_pre; a += 1 + strspn(a + 1, " "); break;
                    case '2': t = servdesc_suf; a += 1 + strspn(a + 1, " "); break;
                filterrichtext(t, a);
                filterservdesc(t, t);
            case 'P': concatstring(voteperm, a); break;
            case 'M': concatstring(mapperm, a); break;
            case 'Z': if(ai >= 0) incoming_limit = ai; break;
            case 'V': verbose++; break;
            case 'C': if(*a && clfilenesting < 3)
                serverconfigfile cfg;
                int line = 1;
                    printf("reading commandline parameters from file '%s'\n", a);
                    for(char *p = cfg.buf, *l; p < cfg.buf + cfg.filelen; line++)
                        l = p; p += strlen(p) + 1;
                        for(char *c = p - 2; c > l; c--) { if(*c == ' ') *c = '\0'; else break; }
                        l += strspn(l, " \t");
                        if(*l && !this->checkarg(newstring(l)))
                            printf("unknown parameter in file '%s', line %d: '%s'\n", cfg.filename, line, l);
                else printf("failed to read file '%s'\n", a);
            default: return false;
        return true;

struct cknife
    int id, millis;
    vec o;
extern vector<cknife> knives;

struct cconfirm
    int id, team;
    vec o;
extern vector<cconfirm> confirms;