AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki

Playerstarts are entities used by all game modes, except coop-edit.

description and history[]

Playerstarts only can be seen if you are in edit mode or if the game mode is coop-edit. Like the other entities, it have four properties :

  • the first is the orientation.
  • the second is the team number :
    • 0 : BLUE
    • 1 : RED
    • 100 : FFA
    • If this property is set to an other number, a neutral character appears in coop-edit / edit mode (as if it were an FFA playerstart) but the playerstart will remain unused.
  • the two other properties are unused.


In Cube, only the first property was used. The second wasn't used and, like any unused entity property, set to zero annd impossible to change (In AC/ACR, any property can be set, even when it is unused).

In the mod pCube, several improvement appeared, including two CTF modes and, for those two modes, two predefined teams, red and blue, and team dedicated playerstarts. The team of those playerstarts was defined by the second property.

Later, pCube became a part of the AC bases. In AC and ACR, this team system is used for all team based game modes (but the team are renamed CLA and RVSF in AC). The other game modes uses FFA playerstart if they exists. If it isn't the case teamplay playerstarts are used.