AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki

Add here what you'd like to find in a mod.

This page is made to help the modder (and the ACR developper) to know what is requested.

Mapping isn't modding. To suggest a map, add it on the page Map ideas.

To suggest a weapon, add it on the page Weapons ideas



  • collect/harvester
  • 1FCTF (one flag capture the flag)
  • Conquest
  • scenario
    • standard scenario (playable on any map)
    • map related scenario (scenario that are defined in the config file; similar to the cube SP)
  • User defined gametypes, made with a CubeScript script.


  • bottomless magazine
  • infinite ammo
  • buckshot (everyone uses shotgun)
  • skill balance (three kinds of possibilities : 1 : more a player damage/kill, less their attack damage; 2 : more a player is damaged/killed, less others attacks affect this one; 3 : a mix of both)
  • Elimination (You die, wait for the next round) in any gamemode

others/not defined[]

  • boss mode (1 team vs 1 boss)
    • rake (attacks are only melee attacks; runs fast)
    • slendie / slender man (very slow tank)
  • team based gameplay with more than two teams.


  • class system (a reduced number of classes with different skills (medic, scout, assault, support, recon))
    • It is better not to do so, it is better to introduce a set of objects as Urban Terror, to be a medic or sniper. Well, or if S.P.E.C.I.A.L. as in the fallout.
  • Bullet rate limited (as in RedEclipse) and include the force of gravity. You can easily make a difference in the weapon when the pistol is not effective at long distances.

map editor[]

  • access to any entity via their index number in a Script
  • alternative shapes for selections (ellipse, line, etc..)
  • in game text editor (to edit cfg files)


Things that aren't compatible with the current game

  • water linked to a picture, like in Cube, instead a color
  • specular textures
  • special step sounds (linked to texture slots)
  • grass on ground/walls/ceilind (linked to texture slots)
  • "sky coloured" mapmodels
  • several skyboxes in a same map
  • mixed textures (normal + sky)
  • clips and clip like zones
    • ammo clip
    • air zone
    • water zone
    • death zone (instant death)
    • toxic zone (reduce health and can kill)
    • gravity zone
    • scripted zone
  • new entities
    • turrets
    • glass
  • entities from other games
    • monsters
    • teleport/teledest
    • jump pad
    • fire (from new cube)


  • SDL and/or OpenGL independent render
  • less dll dependent version