AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki

This page is a base for the mapping part of the future offline

some basis[]


The mouse wheel, in ACR, isn't linked to one single function. It depend on two thing, player's state (alive, editing or dead/spectating) and the state of the state of modifier mechanism.

During a map editon the first of these two factors always remain the editing one. The other mainly depend on the pressed modifier keys (there are exceptions that can happen). The current modifier keys are 1, 2, 3, 4, M, Q, X and Z.

In most cases, when you press one of these keys, turn the mouse wheel execute the function linked to this key. The exceptions happen when several modifier keys are pressed in a same time then while at least one of them is pressed.


In most cases, the geometry is the first thing that is edited. It constist in an array of squares called cubes that can be solid or not.

A solid part of the map have no ground nor ceiling and can't be reached by the players. Press F when a zone is selected make solid the cubes of the selected zone. Non solid cubes can be heightlielded. Heightlield are needed to make arches and slopes. Press H make heightlielded the ground of the selected zone and press I make heightlielded the ceiling of this zone.


There are, by default, ten keys dedicated to the textures edition :

  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Home
  • End
  • Page up
  • Page down
  • 4 (keypad)
  • 7 (keypad)
  • Z
  • X

Except Z and X, Each one of these key only allow the texturing of one of the four kinds of surfaces :

  • floor : insert and delete
  • walls : home and end
  • ceiling : page up and page down
  • upper walls : 4 and 7

Z allow the texturing of the floor and the ceiling and X allow the texturing of the walls, including the upper walls. In both cases these keys are used combined to the mouse wheel (technically, X and Z are just modifiers) and the kind of textured surface depend on the value of the variable flrceil.

The heightfield always are floor or ceilings. They never are walls.


Entities are various kinds of items that can be added to a map. If most of them are optional, others are needed to play. For now, there are fifteen available entity types.

  • akimbo
  • ammobox
  • armor
  • clip
  • ctf-flag
  • grenades
  • health
  • helmet
  • ladder
  • light
  • mapmodel
  • pistol
  • playerstart
  • plclip
  • sound


There are two way to add an entity.

The first is to use the menu. If you do this, depending on the case, or the entity will directly created or it will generate a command you can modify to customize the entity (press enter to validate).

The second is directly uses the console and type the command newent followed by the name of the entity type then, optionally one to four number providing settings to the entity. If these numbers are less than four numbers, the missing ones will automatically be set to zero. If they are five or more, the fifth and the followings will be ignored.

  • If the entities is a playerstart or a ctf-flag, the first number sets the second property (the team number in both cases), the second number will be ignored and the third and the fourth number respectively set the third and the fourth properties (however, in both cases, they are unused).
  • If it's a mapmodel, the three first number respectively set the second, the third and the fourth properties.
  • If it's an other entity the four number respectively set the four porperties of the entity.


To delele an entity open the console and type the command delent when the entity you want to delete is the closest one. If the closest entities share the same location and the one you want to delete isn't the selected one, uses the command nextclosestent until the game selects the correct entity.

edit and move[]

To can change the properties of the closest entity, uses the keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 combined with the mouse wheel.

You also can move the entity at using the key M. Note, if you do this, the entity you move can stop to be the closest one,and the direction of the movement depend on the direction you are lookig at.