AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki

In AC/ACR the term ladder can refer several map models, several textures and one entity.


Only the first of the four properties of this entity is used. This one define the height of the ladder.

The physics modification of the ladder are :

  • fall on a ladder don't cause damages.
  • while you touch a ladder, the gravity doesn't affect you
  • while you touch a ladder, you can't jump.
  • while you touch a ladder, the forward key make you moving both up and forward (however, most time, when a ladder is used, the user climb on a wall or a clip that prevent from moving forward).
  • while you touch a ladder, the backward key make you moving down (but no backward) if possible. If it isn't possible, you move backward (as usual) instead.

Like the jumppad of Cube, the ladder remain invisible. Only the particle effect you can see in the edit mode is visible.