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The goal of this page is to help people who want to edit pages.

Brief history[]

When Wikipedia, the first and, today, the most famous of the wikis, was made (three years before Wikia), there wasn't visual editing mode, but the wikicode was easy to understand and use for most people. With time, it became even easier.

The problem was the people tried less and less to understand. This is why the wikicode, easier and easier, was harder and harder to understand for the new users.

To help contributors, a second edition mode appeared in Wikia and Wikipedia, the Visual mode (actually, its name depends on the used language, that depend on the wiki on Wikipedia and from where you are connected on Wikia)

With this new mode, the wikicode seems to be totally absent but is just hidden. This is a WYSIWYG text processing program, and it actually looks easier than the other mode and automatically generates wikicode.

Actually, it isn't alway easier but it make more confident most people.


The Wikicode has common points with the BBCode used in forums. Most of the typed text is what will appear, but the writer might need tools to include things that aren't text (text formating, hyperlinks, images, etc...).

These tools are provided by the used code, which uses markups and other syntactic tools.


  • bold and italic text
making bold or italic some text is very common. To make some text italic, add two apostrophes (') at the begin and the end of the italic text. For bold text, add three apostrophes instead two. At adding five apostrophes instead, you make the text both bold and italic.

Example : this code... :

The ''good'', the '''bad''' and the '''''ugly''''' went in this saloon.

... will do this:

The good, the bad and the ugly went in this saloon.
  • underlined and strikethrough text
This is less common but possible. Here, the markups <s>, </s>, <u> and </u> are used

Example :

The ACR <u>sword</u> is <s>a pipe</s> a katana.
The ACR sword is a pipe a katana.
  • links
There are two kinds of hypertext links in the wikicode: external and internal. To add an external link, type, between two square brackets, the address of the link, a space and the text of the link. For an internal link, type name of the page between two pairs of square brackets. if it isn't the text you want for this link, add a vertical bar then the wanted text just after the page name.
On [ the forum], people discuss about [[weapons]] and [[Mod stuff ideas|other things]].
On the forum, people discuss about weapons and other things.

Note between the markups <nowiki> and </nowiki>, the wiki code is deactivated. It can be useful.

Dividing a page in sections[]

A section is defined by its header. This header consist in the section title between two groups of equal signs (=), and each of both have the same number of equals. If there anything else on the same line, it will not work properly.

  • For the first level of subdivision of a page there are two equal signs per group.
  • For an other subdivision add an other equal sign per level of subdivision.