Here is the list of the hardcoded commands and variable of the CubeScript language, sort by macro.

COMMANDN[edit | edit source]

command function type
say toserver_ ARG_CONC
sayvoice toserver_voice ARG_2STR
me toserver_me ARG_CONC
connect connectserv ARG_3STR
disconnect trydisconnect ARG_NONE
auth tryauth ARG_1NONE
skin nextskin ARG_1INT
team newteam ARG_1STR
name newname ARG_CONC
sleep addsleep ARG_2STR
mutatordesc modifierdesc ARG_2STR
dropflag tryflagdrop ARG_NONE
callvote callvote_parser ARG_4STR
alive isalive ARG_IVAL
getalias _getalias ARG_3STR
complete addfilecomplete ARG_2STR
listcomplete addlistcomplete ARG_2STR
nickcomplete addnickcomplete ARG_1STR
loop loopa ARG_3STR
while whilea ARG_2STR
if ifthen ARG_3STR
+ add ARG_2EXP
* mul ARG_2EXP
- sub ARG_2EXP
div div_ ARG_2EXP
mod mod_ ARG_2EXPF
+f addf ARG_2EXPF
*f mulf ARG_2EXPF
-f subf ARG_2EXPF
divf divf_ ARG_2EXPF
modf modf_ ARG_2EXPF
! notf_ ARG_1EXP
= equal ARG_2EXP
!= notequal ARG_2EXP
< lt ARG_2EXP
> gt ARG_2EXP
<= lte ARG_2EXP
>= gte ARG_2EXP
opname func ARG_2STR
&& anda ARG_2STR
|| ora ARG_2STR
strcmp strcmpa ARG_2EST
rnd rndn ARG_1EXP
watchingdemo watchingdemo ARG_NONE
millis millis_ ARG_IVAL
timestring timestring_ ARG_NONE
curserver currentserver ARG_1INT
conskip setconskip ARG_1INT
toggleconsole toggleconsole ARG_NONE
bind bindk ARG_2STR
history history ARG_1INT
docsection adddocsection ARG_1STR
docident adddocident ARG_2STR
docargument adddocargument ARG_4STR
docremark adddocremark ARG_1STR
docref adddocref ARG_3STR
docexample addocexample ARG_2STR
dockey adddockey ARG_3STR
select selectpos ARG_4INT
vdelta setvdelta ARG_1INT
undo editundo ARG_NONE
showmenu showmenu_ ARG_1STR
jump jumpn ARG_DOWN
font newfont ARG_8STR
fontchar fontchar ARG_4INT
setfont newsetfont ARG_1STR
showscores showscores_ ARG_1STR
lang deflang ARG_2STR
watercolor setwatercolor ARG_4STR
weapon selectweaponi ARG_1INT
reload selfreload ARG_NONE
use selfuse ARG_NONE
recalc calclight ARG_NONE
savemap save_world ARG_1STR

COMMAND[edit | edit source]

command type
addwp ARG_1INT
delwp ARG_NONE
wpvisible ARG_1INT
wpsave ARG_NONE
wpload ARG_NONE
wpclear ARG_NONE
autowp ARG_1INT
wpinfo ARG_1INT
addpath1way1 ARG_NONE
addpath1way2 ARG_NONE
addpath2way1 ARG_NONE
addpath2way2 ARG_NONE
delpath1way1 ARG_NONE
delpath1way2 ARG_NONE
delpath2way1 ARG_NONE
delpath2way2 ARG_NONE
setjumpwp ARG_NONE
unsetjumpwp ARG_NONE
setwptriggernr ARG_1INT
setwpyaw ARG_NONE
wpflood ARG_NONE
addtelewps ARG_NONE
addtriggerwps ARG_NONE
togglegrap ARG_NONE
drawbeamtocarrots ARG_NONE
drawbeamtoteleporters ARG_NONE
testvisible ARG_1INT
mapsize ARG_NONE
connectadmin ARG_3STR
lanconnect ARG_NONE
currentversion ARG_2INT
sendmap ARG_1STR
getmap ARG_NONE
deleteservermap ARG_1STR
resetsecuremaps ARG_NONR
securemap ARG_1STR
getdemo ARG_1INT
listdemos ARG_NONE
mode ARG_1INT
muts ARG_1INT
classicmode ARG_1INT
curteam ARG_IVAL
currole ARG_IVAL
curmode ARG_IVAL
curmuts ARG_IVAL
curmap ARG_1INT
expreason ARG_1STR
gamemodedesc ARG_2STR
gspmutdesc ARG_3STR
suicide ARG_NONE
vote ARG_1EXP
whois ARG_1INT
setadmin ARG_2STR
spectate ARG_1INT
togglespect ARG_NONE
changefollowplayer ARG_1INT
serverextension ARG_2STR
push ARG_2STR
pop ARG_1STR
alias ARG_2STR
checkalias ARG_1STR
exec ARG_1STR
concat ARG_CONC
concatword ARG_CONCW
format ARG_VARI
result ARG_1STR
listlen ARG_1EST
findlist ARG_2STR
writecfg ARG_NONE
scriptcontext ARG_2STR
isolatecontext ARG_1INT
sealcontexts ARG_NONE
systime NONE
timestamp ARG_NONE
datestring ARG_NONE
debugargs ARG_VARI
keymap ARG_3STR
onrelease ARG_1STR
saycommand ARG_CONC
inputcommand ARG_3STR
mapmsg ARG_1STR
getmapmsg ARG_NONE
docundone ARG_1INT
docinvalid ARG_NONE
docfind ARG_1STR
docwritebaseref ARG_3STR
edittoggle ARG_NONE
editheight ARG_2INT
heightfield ARG_1INT
solid ARG_1INT
corner ARG_NONE
equalize ARG_1INT
edittag ARG_1INT
replace ARG_NONE
archvertex ARG_3INT
arch ARG_2INT
slope ARG_2INT
paste ARG_NONE
edittex ARG_2INT
newent ARG_5STR
perlin ARG_3INT
entstats ARG_NONE
screenshot ARG_1STR
screenres ARG_2INT
resetgl ARG_NONE
fpsrange ARG_2INT
md2amin ARG_4STR
md2tag ARG_5STR
md2emit ARG_4STR
md3load ARG_1STR
md3skin ARG_2STR
md3anim ARG_4STR
md3link ARG_3STR
md3emit ARG_4STR
newmenu ARG_3STR
menumdl ARG_5STR
menudirlist ARG_4STR
chmenumdl ARG_6STR
closemenu ARG_1STR
menuclear ARG_NONE
menuinit ARG_1STR
menuinitselection ARG_1INT
menuitem ARG_3STR
menuitemvar ARG_3STR
menuitemimage ARG_4STR
menuitemtextinput ARG_5STR
menuitemslider ARG_7STR
menuitemkeyinput ARG_2STR
menuitemcheckbox ARG_3STR
menuitemmuts ARG_2STR
menuselectionbgcolor ARG_4STR
backward ARG_DOWN
forward ARG_DOWN
right ARG_DOWN
attack ARG_DOWN
crouch ARG_DOWN
sprint ARG_DOWN
showmip ARG_NONE
glext ARG_1EST
fovcompat ARG_1NT
clearminimap ARG_NONE
loadcrosshair ARG_2STR
mdlcullface ARG_1INT
mdlvertexlight ARG_1INT
mdltranslucent ARG_1INT
adlalphatest ARG_1INT
mdlscale ARG_1INT
mdltrans ARG_3STR
mdlshadowdist ARG_1INT
mdlcachelimit ARG_1INT
mapmodel ARG_5STR
mapmodelreset ARG_NONE
fontskip ARG_1INT
searchnickname ARG_1STR
addfavcategory ARG_1STR
listfavcats ARG_NONE
addserver ARG_3STR
clearservers ARG_NONE
updatefrommaster ARG_1INT
registermusic ARG_1STR
music ARG_3STR
registersound ARG_4STR
mapsound ARG_2STR
applymapsoundchanges ARG_NONE
mapsoundreset ARG_NONE
unmuteallsounds ARG_NONE
mutesound ARG_2INT
soundmuted ARG_1EXP
sound ARG_1INT
soundtest ARG_NONE
check_anisotropy ARG_NONE
texturereset ARG_NONE
texture ARG_2STR
loadsky ARG_1STR
loadnotexture ARG_1STR
getlang ARG_1STR
shiftweapon ARG_1INT
currentprimary ARG_IVAL
currentsecondary ARG_IVAL
prevweapon ARG_IVAL
curweapon ARG_IVAL
magcontent ARG_1EXP
magreserve ARG_1EXP
flashme ARG_NONE
setscope ARG_1INT
nextclosestent ARG_NONE
closestenttype ARG_1STR
getenttype ARG_NONE
getentattr ARG_1EXP
entset ARG_5STR
clearents ARG_1STR
scalelights ARG_2INT
nextplayerstart ARG_1STR
mapenlarge ARG_NONE
newmap ARG_1INT
delent ARG_NONE
entproperty ARG_2INT
toggleoccul ARG_NONE
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