Game modes Edit

ACR has eight game modes. The game mode can be set with the command mode. /mode N with the number of the game mode instead N. Using this command doesn't change the game mode of the current match nor end it but sets the game mode for the next vote. The "gamemode 0" is for demo playback. If the provided number doesn't refer to a known game mode, this command resets the game mode number to 2. Multiple game modes cannot be used in the same match.

Coopedit (1)
This mode allows multiple mappers to collaborate, even if it is possible to create and edit maps without this mode.
Deathmatch (2)
Each player must kill enemies to score.
Capture-the-Flag (3)
Each team must steal the enemy flag and take it to their own base to score. A team can't score if their flag isn't in base.
Secure-the-Flag (4)
Similar to the game mode of the same name in Red Eclipse, Domination from the Call of Duty series, or the Capture game mode of Sauerbraten, each team must "capture" the flags by remaining near them for enough time.
Hunt-the-Flag (5)
Each team must kill the opponent flag carrier then pick up the flag.
Keep-the-Flag (6)
Each player or team must grab and keep the flag(s) as long as possible and kill the enemies with a flag.
Bomber (7)
Each team must send their flag to the enemy flag base. This is reverse CTF.
Zombie (8)
Similar to the AC script mod Zombies, itself based on the DMSP (death match single player) game mode of Cube (and Sauerbraten). The humans (BLUE team) fight against zombies (RED team). Unlike the monsters of the DMSP game mode, the zombies are more skilled and more dangerous than normal players, even if they wield only a sword and a knife. If the mutator convert isn't used, all the human players are in the BLUE team, and all the bots are in the RED team.
Overload (9)
The flags can be damaged and regenerate. Each team must kill the enemy flag to score.

Old modes Edit

The old modes, or classic modes, are a kind of prefabs using mutators. There are fifteen, divided in five groups:

  • Team Deathmatch : Deathmatch+team
  • FFA Deathmatch : Deathmatch, without mutators

  • Team One Shot, One Kill : Deathmatch+team+sniping+survivor
  • One Shot, One Kill : Deathmatch+sniping+survivor

  • Return-Capture the Flag : Capture-the-Flag+team
  • Bomber : Bomber+team
  • Hunt the Flag : Hunt-the-Flag+team
  • Double Keep the Flag : Keep-the-Flag+double
  • Team-Double Keep the Flag : Keep-the-Flag+team+double

  • Pistol Frenzy : Deathmatch+pistol
  • Last Swiss Standing : Deathmatch+gibbing+survivor

  • Team Survivor : Deathmatch+team+survivor
  • Survivor : Deathmatch+survivor
  • Zombies : Zombie+team+progressive
  • Onslaught : Zombie+team

Mutators Edit

Mutators are used to define what subvariant of the game mode is used. They can be set with the command muts, which works like mode. Just like for the game mode, changing the mutators during a match is impossible. Using several mutators is possible by providing the command muts the sum of the values of the wanted mutators. In case of incompatibility (like confirm without team), as described below, the variable that defines what mutators will be used in the next match is set to another value.

Miscellaneous mutators Edit

team (1)
The players are divided in two teams. This mutator is always used except in Deathmatch and Keep-the-Flag. The mutators confirm and convert are linked to team, if at least one of both is used, team is also used.
classic (2)
No automatic regeneration, aim down sights in non-snipers, or drowning. The damage is also lower.
confirm (4)
Killed players drop a flag, which enemies must pick up to confirm the kill because the opponent team can deny it by picking it up first.
vampire (8)
No automatic regeneration. Players spawn with half the normal health, but they can regenerate themselves by damaging others, up to 300 (1200 if juggernaut is used).
convert (16)
Each killed player respawns in the opponent team. If the last player of a team is killed, a new round starts.
psychic (32)
Above everyone's head is an indicator, which is visible even through walls.
void (64)
All the textures, including the sky, are ignored and replaced with an unique white one. Models, such as mapmodels, however, aren't affected by this effect.

Damage mutators Edit

The mutators hardcore and expert aren't compatible. If the number set with muts refers to the simultaneous use of both, none of them will be used.

juggernaut (64)
Everyone spawns with 1000 health points.
hardcore(32 until the version 2.5.7, 128 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 256 after)
The weapons cause more damage (to be more realistic). Also, the HUD is reduced depending on the user's setting.
expert (64 until the version 2.5.7, 256 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 512 after)
Only headshot and gibs do significant damage to others.

Weapon mutators Edit

Only one of these can be used. If the number set with muts refers to the simultaneous use of several of them, none is used.

note: in the versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.2, these mutators aren't fully implemented, and the list of available weapon can vary.

insta (512 until the version 2.6.2, 1024 after)
Akimbo, armor, and health items don't work. Ammo boxes replace pistol magazines and grenades. The available weapons are the CheyTac Intervention, M82, knife, and sword.
sniping (128 until the version 2.5.7, 1024 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 2048 after)
Akimbo, armor, and health items don't work. Ammo boxes replace pistol magazines and grenades. The available weapons are the CheyTac Intervention, M82, knife, and sword. Since the version 2.5.8, the M21 also is available.
pistol (256 until the version 2.5.7, 2048 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 4096 after)
Pistol magazines replace ammo boxes and grenades. The player is spawn with one grenade, but once it is used, the player must wait to obtain an other grenade. The two other available weapons are the USP .45 and the knife.
gibbing (512 until the version 2.5.7, 4096 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 8192 after)
Health items don't work. Grenades replace ammo boxes, pistol magazines, akimbo and armor items. The sword and the knife are also available.
explosive (1024 until the version 2.5.7, 2192 in the version 2.5.8 to 2.6.2, 16384 after)
Akimbo, armor and health items don't work. Ammo boxes replace pistol magazines and grenades but provide RPG rockets. The sword and the knife are also available.

Game mode related mutatorsEdit

Each game mode has a game-specific mutator gsp1. Internally, gsp1 is numbered 2048 until the version 2.5.7, 16384 in the versions 2.5.8 to 2.6.2 and 32768 in the version 2.6.3. In the game modes Deathmatch and Zombie, this mutator isn't compatible with convert. If, by using muts, you try to use both with one of these two game modes, only gsp1 will be used.

survivor (Deathmatch)
Dead players wait until the next round starts. A round ends when only one player remains alive, all remaining players are part of the same team, a human is playing (not spectating) and all humans die, or an epic fail (all players are dead) happens.
return (Capture-the-Flag, before the version 2.5.7)
When a player returns a flag, the flag isn't instantly teleported back, so the player must carry it back.
direct (Capture-the-Flag, at and after version 2.5.7)
This is the former regular Capture-the-Flag (without the use of return). In the version 2.5.7, the regular Capture-the-Flag is the former return capture the flag.
direct (Secure-the-Flag)
When a player (or several players) try to capture a flag that already is captured by the opponent team, this flag doesn't have to be uncaptured to neutral first.
strict (Hunt-the-Flag)
A team can't score if its flag isn't carried.
double (Keep-the-Flag)
Both flags are used instead of only one.
demolition (Bomber)
If demolition isn't used, the flag carrier scores but deploy a nuke and die at reaching the opponent flag point. If demolition is used, there are rounds (like survivor), and when the carrier scores, the nuke kills only enemies and not this carrier.
progressive (Zombie)
Wave based variant: when all the X zombies of a Wave #X are killed, a Wave #X+1 of zombies is spawned (with X+1 zombies). Nobody respawns during a wave, but all the dead players respawn at the end of the wave, to prepare before the next round starts. If all players die, the wave ends and a new wave starts. In this case, if the number (X) of the just ended wave was 1 (the first wave) another Wave #1 (with only one zombie) starts. If it was an other number, the new wave is a wave #X-1. Half of the X zombies (rounded down) will have Revenge and Nadedrop. This makes distance very beneficial when you kill them.
quick (overload)
Flags have less health but regenerate faster.
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