AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki

Flags are items used by one mutator and five game modes


Except Hunt-the-Flag, all modes using Flags need flags entities.

There are two kinds of flag entities :

  • The CTF flags.
  • The secure flags.

In both cases, the type of the entity is ctf-flag. This entity type uses its two first properties :

  • The first define the orientation of the flag.
  • The second define the kind and, when it is a CTF flag, the team of the flag :
    • 0 : red CTF flag.
    • 1 : blue CTF flag.
    • Any other number : secure flag (if the flag is added with the editing menu the value of this property is 2).

The two other properties aren't used.


  • Capture-the-Flag, Keep-the-Flag and Bomber need CTF Flags. Hunt-the-Flag also uses CTF flags if they exists on the map but doesn't need them.
  • Secure-the-Flag uses secure flags.
  • Flag entities aren't used by the mutator confirm.

Multiflag glitch[]

When a map has multiple CTF flags for the same team, a glitch happens when the map is loaded if the game mode use the CTF flag entities. For each team having multiple CTF flags, only one of these flags is visible (the waypoint icon and the flag appear only at this place) but no interaction is possible with it or other flag entities of the same team.