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map models Edit

  • dead corpses
    • fighters
    • civilians
    • animals (apparently non stuffed)
    • stuffed animals
  • amphoras (for museums, old caves and similar places)
  • statues
  • bases for statues
  • statuettes
  • dolls
  • children toys
  • cars
  • lamps
    • an old style street lamp (now there is two mapmodels slots with the same model and the same clip settings; it's to replace one of both).
    • desk lamp
    • kerosene lamp
    • flashlight
  • books
  • speed cushions
  • shovels, forks and other similar workers tools
  • craness
  • computers
    • servers
  • signs
  • bridges
    • long bridges
    • bridge parts
  • platforms

textures Edit

  • red and blue textures (for bases)

sounds Edit

skins Edit

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