AssaultCube Reloaded Wiki
// C++ Interface: bot
// Description:
// Main bot header
// Author:  Rick <>


     TODO list

     -bots that "cover" each other in team matches ?
     -If a bot gets ammo it should ignore that kind of ammo for the next 10 seconds. ?
     -bots should ignore players that are too far away ?
     -bots should dodge/jump when shot at
     -If the bot's only weapon is the fist it should make looking for ammo its priority - Done ?
     -bots should rocket jump to get quads and the 150 armor if normal jumping doesn't
      work (only if health is x so they don't suicide).
     -Make all the "UNDONE's" done :)
     -Finish waypoint navigation
     -Make bot personalities
     -More advanced enemy scoring
     -Bots should less bump into walls
     -(Better) Coop support
     -Check for reachable instead of visible in GetNearestWaypoint
     -Waypoint experience file
     -Bots should avoid team mates
     -Handle failed goals better(ie remember them)
     -Test multiplayer
     -Fix bots getting stuck in each other
     -Optimize hunting code
     -Check/Fix msg code

#ifndef BOT_H
#define BOT_H

#define RELEASE_BUILD _DEBUG // Set when you want to make a release build

// Set for which mod the code is

//#define VANILLA_CUBE
#define AC_CUBE
//#define CUBE_X

#include "bot_util.h"
#include "bot_waypoint.h"

extern itemstat itemstats[];

inline void condebug(const char *s, int a = 0, int b = 0, int c = 0) {}
inline void debugnav(const char *s, int a = 0, int b = 0, int c = 0) {}
inline void debugbeam(vec &s, vec &e) { }
inline void condebug(const char *s, int a = 0, int b = 0, int c = 0) { conoutf(s, a, b, c); }
inline void debugnav(const char *s, int a = 0, int b = 0, int c = 0) { conoutf(s, a, b, c); }
inline void debugbeam(vec &s, vec &e) { particle_trail(1, 500, s, e); }

#define JUMP_HEIGHT      4.0f // NOT accurate

#define FORWARD       (1<<1)
#define BACKWARD      (1<<2)
#define LEFT          (1<<3)
#define RIGHT         (1<<4)
#define UP            (1<<5)
#define DOWN          (1<<6)
#define DIR_NONE      0

#define m_classicsp 0

struct bot_skill_s
     float flMinReactionDelay; // Minimal reaction time
     float flMaxReactionDelay; // Maximal reaction time
     float flMinAimXSpeed; // Minimal X aim speed in degrees(base value)
     float flMaxAimXSpeed; // Maximal X aim speed in degrees(base value)
     float flMinAimYSpeed; // Minimal Y aim speed in degrees(base value)
     float flMaxAimYSpeed; // Maximal Y aim speed in degrees(base value)
     float flMinAimXOffset; // Minimal X aim offset in degrees(base value)
     float flMaxAimXOffset; // Maximal X aim offset in degrees(base value)
     float flMinAimYOffset; // Minimal Y aim offset in degrees(base value)
     float flMaxAimYOffset; // Maximal Y aim offset in degrees(base value)
     float flMinAttackDelay; // Minimal delay for when a bot can attack again
     float flMaxAttackDelay; // Maximal delay for when a bot can attack again
     float flMinEnemySearchDelay; // Minimal delay for when a bot can search for an
                                  // enemy again
     float flMaxEnemySearchDelay; // Maximal delay for when a bot can search for an
                                  // enemy again
     float flAlwaysDetectDistance;
     short sShootAtFeetWithRLPercent; // Percent that a bot shoot with a rocket
                                      // launcher at the enemy feet.
     int iMaxHearVolume; // Max volume that bot can hear
     int iFov; // bots field of view
     bool bCanPredict; // Can this bot predict his enemy position?
     bool bCircleStrafe; // Can this bot circle strafe?
     bool bCanSearchItemsInCombat;
     bot_skill_s(float sk);

enum EBotWeaponTypes
     TYPE_MELEE, // Fist, knife etc
     TYPE_NORMAL, // Normal weapon, distance doesn't really matter(ie pistol)
     TYPE_SNIPER, // Rifle, sniper etc
     TYPE_AUTO // Chain gun, machine gun etc

struct weaponinfo_s
     EBotWeaponTypes eWeaponType;
     float flMinDesiredDistance;
     float flMaxDesiredDistance;
     float flIdealDistance;
     float flMinFireDistance;
     float flMaxFireDistance;
     short sMinDesiredAmmo;

enum ECurrentBotState
     STATE_ENEMY, // Bot has an enemy
     STATE_HUNT, // Bot is hunting an enemy
     STATE_ENT, // Bot is heading to an entity
     STATE_SP, // Bot is doing sp specific stuff
     STATE_FLAG, // Bot is taking care of the flags
     STATE_NORMAL // Bot is doing normal navigation

struct unreachable_ent_s
     entity *ent;
     int time;

     unreachable_ent_s(entity *e, int t) : ent(e), time(t) { };

class CBot
     playerent *m_pMyEnt;

     // Combat variabels
     playerent *m_pPrevEnemy;
     int m_iShootDelay;
     int m_iChangeWeaponDelay;
     int m_iCombatNavTime;
     int m_iEnemySearchDelay;
     int m_iSawEnemyTime;
     bool m_bCombatJump;
     float m_iCombatJumpDelay;
     bool m_bShootAtFeet;

     // Hunting variabeles
     int m_iHuntDelay;
     vec m_vHuntLocation, m_vPrevHuntLocation;
     playerent *m_pHuntTarget;
     float m_fPrevHuntDist;
     int m_iHuntPauseTime, m_iHuntPlayerUpdateTime, m_iHuntLastTurnLessTime;
     int m_iLookAroundDelay, m_iLookAroundTime, m_iLookAroundUpdateTime;
     float m_fLookAroundYaw;
     bool m_bLookLeft;

     // Navigation variabeles
     int m_iCheckEnvDelay;
     int m_iLastJumpPad;
     vec m_vPrevOrigin;
     float m_iStuckCheckDelay;
     bool m_bStuck;
     int m_iStuckTime;
     int m_iStrafeTime;
     int m_iStrafeCheckDelay;
     int m_iMoveDir;
     int m_iSPMoveTime;
     bool m_bCalculatingAStarPath;
     TLinkedList<waypoint_s *> m_AStarNodeList;
     TPriorList<waypoint_s *, float> m_AStarOpenList[2];
     TLinkedList<waypoint_s *> m_AStarClosedList[2];
     vec m_vWaterGoal; // Place to go to when underwater

     // Waypoint variabeles
     TLinkedList<waypoint_s *> m_WaypointList[MAX_MAP_GRIDS][MAX_MAP_GRIDS];
     float m_iWaypointTime;
     waypoint_s *m_pCurrentWaypoint;
     waypoint_s *m_pCurrentGoalWaypoint;
     vec m_vGoal;
     waypoint_s *m_pPrevWaypoints[5];
     int m_iRandomWaypointTime;
     float m_fPrevWaypointDistance;
     int m_iLookForWaypointTime;
     int m_iWaypointHeadLastTurnLessTime; // Last time the didn't had to turn much wile
                                          // heading to a WP
     int m_iWaypointHeadPauseTime; // Pause time to give the bot time to aim.
     bool m_bGoToDebugGoal;

     // Misc stuff
     ECurrentBotState m_eCurrentBotState;
     entity *m_pTargetEnt;
     entity *m_pTargetFlag;
     TLinkedList<unreachable_ent_s *> m_UnreachableEnts;
     int m_iCheckTeleporterDelay;
     int m_iCheckJumppadsDelay;
     int m_iCheckEntsDelay;
     int m_iCheckFlagsDelay;
     int m_iCheckTriggersDelay;
     int m_iAimDelay;
     float m_fYawToTurn, m_fPitchToTurn;
     bot_skill_s *m_pBotSkill; // Pointer to current bot skill
     short m_sSkillNr; // Skill number, 0 == best 4 == worst (legacy support...)

     void AimToVec(const vec &o);
     void AimToIdeal(void);
     float ChangeAngle(float speed, float ideal, float current);
     bool SelectGun(int Gun);
     virtual void CheckItemPickup(void) = 0;
     float GetDistance(const vec &o);
     float GetDistance(const vec &v1, const vec &v2);
     float GetDistance(entity *e);
     float Get2DDistance(const vec &v) { return ::Get2DDistance(m_pMyEnt->o, v); };
     vec GetViewAngles(void) { return vec(m_pMyEnt->pitch, m_pMyEnt->yaw, m_pMyEnt->roll); };
     void ResetMoveSpeed(void) { m_pMyEnt->move = m_pMyEnt->strafe = 0; };
     void SetMoveDir(int iMoveDir, bool add);
     void ResetCurrentTask();

     // AI Functions
     bool BotsAgainstHumans();
     bool DetectEnemy(playerent *p);
     bool FindEnemy(void);
     void CheckReload(void);
     void CheckWeaponSwitch(void); // 2011jan17:ft: fix non-shooting bots
     void CheckScope(void);
     void ShootEnemy(void);
     bool CheckFire(const vec &o);
     bool CheckHunt(void);
     bool HuntEnemy(void);
     void DoCombatNav(void);
     void MainAI(void);
     bool CheckStuck(void);
     void StuckLastResort(void);
     bool CheckJump(void);
     bool CheckCrouch(void);
     bool CheckStrafe(void);
     void CheckFOV(void);
     bool IsVisible(const vec &o, bool CheckPlayers = false) { return ::IsVisible(m_pMyEnt->o, o,
                                                                      (CheckPlayers) ? m_pMyEnt :
                                                                       NULL); };
     bool IsVisible(playerent *d, bool CheckPlayers = false) { return ::IsVisible(m_pMyEnt->o, d->o,
                                                                               (CheckPlayers) ?
                                                                                m_pMyEnt : NULL); };
     bool IsVisible(entity *e, bool CheckPlayers = false);
     bool IsVisible(vec o, int Dir, float flDist, bool CheckPlayers, float *pEndDist = NULL);
     bool IsVisible(int Dir, float flDist, bool CheckPlayers)
                          { return IsVisible(m_pMyEnt->o, Dir, flDist, CheckPlayers); };
     bool IsInFOV(const vec &o);
     bool IsInFOV(playerent *d) { return IsInFOV(d->o); };
     int GetShootDelay(void);
     virtual bool ChoosePreferredWeapon(void);
     virtual entity *SearchForEnts(bool bUseWPs, float flRange=9999.0f,
                                   float flMaxHeight=JUMP_HEIGHT) = 0;
     virtual entity *SearchForFlags(bool bUseWPs, float flRange=9999.0f,
                                   float flMaxHeight=JUMP_HEIGHT) = 0;
     virtual bool HeadToTargetEnt(void) = 0;
     virtual bool CanTakeFlag(const entity &e) = 0;
     virtual bool HeadToTargetFlag(void) = 0;
     bool CheckItems(void);
     bool CheckFlags(void);
     bool InUnreachableList(entity *e);
     virtual bool DoSPStuff(void) = 0;
     vec GetEnemyPos(playerent *d);
     bool AStar(void);
     float AStarCost(waypoint_s *pWP1, waypoint_s *pWP2);
     void CleanAStarLists(bool bPathFailed);
     bool IsReachable(vec to, float flMaxHeight=JUMP_HEIGHT);
     bool WaterNav(void);
     void HearSound(int n, const vec *o);

     // Waypoint functions
     bool HeadToWaypoint(void);
     bool FindWaypoint(void);
     void ResetWaypointVars(void);
     void SetCurrentWaypoint(node_s *pWP);
     void SetCurrentWaypoint(waypoint_s *pWP);
     void SetCurrentGoalWaypoint(node_s *pNode);
     void SetCurrentGoalWaypoint(waypoint_s *pWP);
     bool CurrentWPIsValid(void);
     bool ReachedGoalWP(void);
     bool HeadToGoal(void);
     waypoint_s *GetWPFromNode(node_s *pNode);
     waypoint_s *GetNearestWaypoint(vec v_src, float flRange);
     waypoint_s *GetNearestWaypoint(float flRange) { return GetNearestWaypoint(m_pMyEnt->o, flRange); };
     waypoint_s *GetNearestTriggerWaypoint(vec v_src, float flRange);
#ifdef WP_FLOOD
     waypoint_s *GetNearestFloodWP(vec v_origin, float flRange);
     waypoint_s *GetNearestFloodWP(float flRange) { return GetNearestFloodWP(m_pMyEnt->o, flRange); };
     waypoint_s *GetNearestTriggerFloodWP(vec v_origin, float flRange);
     void SyncWaypoints(void);

     friend class CBotManager;
     friend class CWaypointClass;

     virtual ~CBot(void);

     virtual void MakeSkill(int sk);
     virtual void Spawn(void);
     virtual void Think(void);
     void GoToDebugGoal(vec o);

class CBotManager
     static const int MAXBOTNAMES = 200;
     char m_szBotNames[MAXBOTNAMES][MAXNAMELEN+1];
     short m_sBotNameCount;
     bool m_bInit;
     bool m_bBotsShoot;
     bool m_bIdleBots;
     int m_iFrameTime;
     int m_iPrevTime;
     short m_sMaxAStarBots; // Max bots that can use a* at the same time
     short m_sUsingAStarBotsCount; // Number of bots that are using a*
     short m_sCurrentTriggerNr; // Current waypoint trigger bots should use

     void LoadBotNamesFile(void);

     friend class CBot;
     friend class CCubeBot;
     friend class CACBot;
     friend class CWaypointClass;


     // Construction
     CBotManager(void) { m_bInit = true; };

     // Destruction

     void Init(void);
     void Think(void);
     void CleanupBot(playerent *bot);
     void EndMap(void);
     void BeginMap(const char *szMapName);
     void LetBotsUpdateStats(void);
     void LetBotsHear(int n, const vec *loc);
     void AddWaypoint(node_s *pNode);
     void DelWaypoint(node_s *pNode);
     bool BotsShoot(void) { return m_bBotsShoot; };
     bool IdleBots(void) { return m_bIdleBots; };
     void SetBotsShoot(bool bShoot) { m_bBotsShoot = bShoot; };
     void SetIdleBots(bool bIdle) { m_bIdleBots = bIdle; };
     void CalculateMaxAStarCount(void);
     void PickNextTrigger(void);

     void GetBotName(int seed, playerent *pl);
     void MakeBotFileName(const char *szFileName, const char *szDir1, char *szOutput);

#if defined VANILLA_CUBE
#include "cube_bot.h"
#elif defined AC_CUBE
#include "ac_bot.h"

extern CBotManager BotManager;
extern const vec g_vecZero;

#if defined AC_CUBE
extern CACWaypointClass WaypointClass;
#elif defined VANILLA_CUBE
extern CCubeWaypointClass WaypointClass;