20140301 12.33.55 acr mini arena team deathmatch

Made for ACR, acr_mini_arena is a little but map that isn't made for a specific game mode.


Several versions of this map were uploaded on servers. there is at least one version without map message. In others, this message say it's a minimalist arena.

Actually, only its size that is supposed to be minimalist. This map is have a lot of pickups, playerstarts and flags.

This map have four bases. Two of them are the RED and BLUE bases. The two others are for a three/four team gameplay (a such gameplay is impossible with the current ACR versions and isn't planned, even if it was suggested).

Each base have :

  • two flags
    • a CTF one (used by the game as capture flag in the two southern bases)
    • a capture one
  • five playerstarts
    • three teamplay ones (unused in th southern bases)
    • two FFA ones
  • a kevlar armor
  • a pistol clip
  • an ammo box

The zone between the bases have :

  • four helmets
  • four health items
  • four grenades
  • four capture flags
  • one akimbo
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